E-books are a digital form of printed books. The advantage is that they don't have to be imported and the files can also be used to print locally. This allows a wider and safer distribution of Christian literature than has previously been available. The easiest time for us to create an e-book is when we are also doing a printed version. A number of our clients have chosen for us to do both versions for them at the same time. E-books can be posted on websites, copied to CDs or sent as email attachments. Any content such as photos, graphics and text are all included in the  e-book version. Color can be added at basically no cost whereas adding color to a printed textbook is much more costly.   /files/Images/LIFE Publishers/Ebooks1.png

/files/Images/LIFE Publishers/Ebooks2.png     Typically we produce e-books for textbooks series for Bible schools, missionary authors and ministries. To view a sample of an e-book, click here.


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