Newsletters & Prayer Cards


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   One of the most common difficulties for missionaries and ministries is to consistantly produce newsletters to their donor base. We can help! We can work with you on any level that you need help. If you would like to do your own design work and send us ready to print PDFs, we can have them printed and mailed for you. If you would like help with writing, design or any other aspect of production, we can generally help you with these as well.

   Please note that we are not set up to do permit (bulk) mailings. Rather, we use first class with normal postage stamps to make your mailing look as personal as possible.


   Prayer Cards

   Working together with a local printer, we can do either digital or traditionally printed prayer cards, bookmarks, calendars, or any other promotional materials you might need. Design work is also available. We strive to make each card unique to you and your ministry.


   If you are interested in this type of product, click here to fill out a service request form. 

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