Out of Print Books


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     Using recent technology, LIFE Publishers will work with our ministry partners to produce limited quanities of out of print textbooks as needed. Typically, this is for Bible schools who wish to continue to use a given textbook after that textbook has gone out of print.
   The text pages are scanned and created into .pdf, a new cover is created and then the book is printed using POD (print on demand) options.
    If you have a book that you are needing, we first of all need to obtain copyright permission to use the book (or the title) which typically is the longest and hardest portion of the process. A good percentage of the time we can obtain copyrights, but not always. Once these rights have been obtained, only then can we proceed with the actual production of the book.
   If you have contacts with the original author or producer of the out of print book, this can be helpful to obtaining the rights. 

   If you are interested in this type of product, click here to fill out a service request form.



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