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Military Community Application Bible


What is the Warrior's Bible?
   It is a Bible with special articles and other materials that address issues relating to those in the military community.

What is the importance of this Bible?
   This is more than patriotic pictures and military history. It will minister to both veterans and those on active duty.

How will it be done? 
   We've asked Chaplain Scott McChrystal (COL), USA Ret. Mil/VA Rep and Endorser, Chaplaincy Ministries to join us as Managing Editor for this project.
   Chaplain McChrystal’s military background spans 40 years to include line officer time in combat, chaplaincy service at senior levels and extensive collaboration with the DOD. His expansive network of contacts enables him to engage experts from diverse disciplines to serve as contributors to this landmark project. 
   Working alongside him will be Judy, his wife of 37 years, and mother of two active duty soldier/files/Images/LIFE Publishers/iStock_000014319386Small.jpgs. She also mentors and teaches women whose husbands are military chaplains or preparing for military ministry.

   This unique Bible will be cross-denominational in its emphasis with nearly 200 articles about issues that are keenly relevant to the military community.

Topics will include:

Loneliness • Shame • Children and the Military Family • Women in the Military • Communication and Marriage
Culture Shock • Depression • Finance and the Military • Spiritual versus Physical Warfare
Authority and God’s Plan •  Disability and Injury • Rejection • Overcoming Failure • Respect
Divorce and Conflict • Personal Devotions • Revenge Loyalty • Hatred and Prejudice
Goals and Objectives • The Whole Armor of God • Teamwork • Personal Ethics • Sexual Purity
Anger • PTS or PTSD • Reintegration • Issues following deployment • Living on what you earn 
What is a Conscientious Objector • Overcoming Addictions • Forgiveness for the things I’ve done?
Suicide in the Military • Coping with poor leaders • Subjects for single soldiers 
Benefits of Military Life • Preparing for the chaos of combat • plus others

We will include the creeds of the military, prayers and testimonials. /files/Images/LIFE Publishers/iStock_000005673165Small.jpg

What can you do?

Pray regularly: for those serving in the military and their families. Pray for this project and the personnel involved in the development, writing, editing and production.

Give: Clearly Designate your contribution as Life Publishers - Warrior's Bible right on the check and send to:
                  Life Publishers 
                  1445 Boonville Ave.
                  Springfield, MO 65802
                  Or give online here. 

Get Active: Tell members of your men’s group and missions board about this Bible for the Military. Encourage others to support this project through their prayers and giving. As you have the opportunity, thank veterans and warriors presently serving in uniform for their sacrificial service and let them know you are praying for them. 

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